terms and conditions

Ebrocat is not liable for damage and personal injury during your stay at the bank, on the pontoon or in your accomodation.  Damage caused by you by accident or on purpose to Ebrocat property will be charged and must be payed before you depart.

Ebrocat is not liable for theft, loss or damage to your personal belongings or luggage.

If you are unable to fish due to illness or other reasons there is no refund possible for missing days. Also missing fishingdays due to extreme weather are not refundable. However Ebrocat will always look for a solution.

Ebrocat requires a deposit to finalize your booking. This deposit is non refundable. You pay the remaining sum on your first day at arrival.

Cancellation without costs is possible 6 weeks before arrival. In case of cancellation shorter than 6 weeks before arrival, we will charge you 50% of the total booking. Of course we will look for another date first.

Arrival and departure are possible at any hour. We will ask you to check out before 11.00 a.m in case new guests arrive on the same day you leave.

Ebrocat takes care of your fishing permits. All of the permits and coto tickets are included if you choose the All Inclusive Package. We need a copy of your passport and some peronal data. Of course we take good care of your data and privacy. In case of cancellation we can not refund already payed permits.